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We at Afgen saw a gap within the surveying market and took it upon ourselves to design and manufacture laser alignment equipment. Our range of mine and tunnel alignment lasers have been specifically designed for the South African market, climate, and terrain. We have designed these alignment lasers for easy use within the harsh mining environment while providing accurate results. It is hard enough to perform surveying duties under these conditions which is why it is important to make use of high-tech solutions to increase productivity. Our laser alignment equipment is also sure to reduce operational costs as they eliminate costs associated with other pieces of equipment such as jacklegs, drill steel, powder, blasting caps and other small tools.

Who is Afgen?

Afgen is a surveying equipment supplier that also manufactures laser alignment equipment. We are able to service a variety of surveying equipment and strive for excellence in everything we do. We service many industries including construction, mining, earth moving, and surveying.  Afgen is based in Midrand, South Africa and is able to provide South African surveyors with the knowledge they require to choose the best survey equipment for their environment.  Committed to excellent client satisfaction and service we strive to help surveyors increase their accuracy and efficiency with the tools they are equipped with. We are ISO 9001:2015 Accredited ensuring that you receive high-quality products and services. We focus on research and development to ensure we are armed with the latest information and technology within the surveying industry. 

Designed and Manufactured by Afgen 

At Afgen we stock and sell a variety of surveying equipment that has been specifically selected to service surveyors; however, we also manufacture a range of laser alignment equipment for mining and industrial use. 

A Product that Fulfills Your Requirements

When you make use of an Afgen alignment laser you are ensuring that you have the correct equipment to complete a job with efficiency and ease.